22 Mac 2011


Kekadang tu dalam blur2 study,memang pada satu peringkat tu,buat macam mana sekalipun,still tak bole nak concentrate....Jadi,dari memeningkan lagi kepala yg memang dan fenin,baik layan masak kat dapur...hahaha.Kat bawah nie,komen2 dan pengalaman rakan2 yg sealiran,bila baca komen diorang,cam betul jer apa yg berlaku kat diorang,berlaku gak pada diri sendiri........................

I really appreciate if any of my wonderful friends here could share your experiences, tips and advices on how to coop with stress, 'blur-period', no momentum, no mood, please-please-please.. ^^V

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    • Nur Azfahani Ahmad even my spelling is going wrong now--sorry-- ("Cope")--blur**
      Isnin pada pukul 6.07 ptg ·  ·  Seorang

    • Sheeqin Mn when i stressed out or blur.. i sleep.. hi hi..
      Isnin pada pukul 6.36 ptg ·  ·  2 orang

    • Azza Jauhar I meddle with the garden!
      Isnin pada pukul 7.00 ptg ·  ·  Seorang

    • Ahmad Faisal Alias hahahahahaa... ingtkn mike nk mauk reban td, pani
      Isnin pada pukul 7.20 ptg · 

    • Nur Azfahani Ahmad agaggagagag--sy dh penin nih--tgk screen pon kecik je mata--
      Isnin pada pukul 7.26 ptg · 

    • Nur Azfahani Ahmad tu yg sy comment pastu--betulkan ejaan--penin
      Isnin pada pukul 7.27 ptg · 

    • Ahmad Faisal Alias huhuhuhuuu... kt sini baru tgh azan menggerib
      Isnin pada pukul 7.27 ptg · 

    • Anita Adnan when i started this phd, i have a very unrealistic expectation - i tried doing more than i could - nak cepat abis. and then i started to panic, i had low level of motivation, self doubt, and self destructing behaviour. my advice - dont follow other ppl's pace. you have to be realistic on how many things you can do in a day - and jot them down. kalaupun dapat menulis setengah mukasurat - dah cukup bagus tu!
      Isnin pada pukul 7.31 ptg ·  ·  5 orang

    • Mohd Fauzi I fully agree with Anita. I started wanting to present papers, even write books etc. But later i realized that the most important thing is just to focus on your PhD. The best relaxation for me is taking time off for a day to recharge my self and restrategise for the next phase.
      Isnin pada pukul 7.50 ptg ·  ·  3 orang

    • Dilla Mohd 
      Stress wise: Get ur self a hobby. That's what I do. Be it cooking, baking, reading, gardening, watching movies, whatever it may be, as long as it is something you can turn to when you under stress.

      No mood, no momentum, blur period wise: I ...Lihat seterusnya..

      Isnin pada pukul 11.06 ptg ·  ·  6 orang

    • Siew Shir Way Hi Nur, you did a good job by putting your 'stress and others' on FB support group. Most of the time when we are blur blur... we need a/ a lot of listener(s) or supports. Sini, you got all of us. Keep it up, you will find your way.
      Semalam pada pukul 12.21 ptg ·  ·  2 orang

    • Nur Azfahani Ahmad Thank you all--thank you for a wonderful insight and sincere advices..really appreciate it--will need to hv my own 'mind-therapy' thingy after this =) toche!!toche!
      20 jam yang lalu · 

    • Noridah Ramli Dalam apa jua tindakan dahulukan Allah..InsyaAllah
      20 jam yang lalu ·  ·  Seorang

    • Nur Azfahani Ahmad InsyaAllah--terima kasih..=)
      20 jam yang lalu · 

    • Wan Zumusni Wan Mustapha There will unexpected events - you have to be totally "redha" look at the bright side. I amalkan solat Dhuha, yasin after Subuh & maghrib, Al-Waqiah, solat taubat, tahajud & hajat (esp on sleepless nights), fasting, crying, whatever happens let your sups know what's happening even if you r battling w bomoh & jins or anykind of Harry Potter battle.
      19 jam yang lalu ·  ·  4 orang

    • Rozilah Abdul Aziz Nur, just to share, I go to my office everyday (and spend my time 9-5 pm , focusing on my thesis aje) balik umah....spend the time with my children and hubby to release my tension.
      19 jam yang lalu ·  ·  3 orang

    • Wan Zumusni Wan Mustapha It's not how fast you complete your PhD - God knows best, it's the process & how you cope with all the craziness ard u & still remain calm & sane
      19 jam yang lalu ·  ·  4 orang

    • Rozilah Abdul Aziz ya ..i agree. i really utilize the time 9-5 full blast. Balik rumah i dah x boleh nak pikir, sakit kepala..
      19 jam yang lalu · 

    • Wan Rasyidah i agree with wan zumusni, setiap orang dugaan perjalanan PhD dari Nya berbeza .. semoga Allah permudahkan urusan kita semua, amin
      19 jam yang lalu · 

    • Nur Azfahani Ahmad hihihii--InsyaAllah still in a 'sane' mood--but not so sure on the 'calm' part--anyway, thanks for a very meaningful experience both rozilah, wan and other beautiful friends =)
      19 jam yang lalu · 

    • Susana Narawi Want to share some stories of others who had got their PhD.
      17 jam yang lalu · 

    • Susana Narawi ‎1st: During his first 2 yrs in Korea... he said that he became a slave of his supervisor - doing his supervisor work (preparing lecture notes, marking quiz dan exam, jaga exam & etc.) but nothing on his PhD... several time almost give up nak balik M'sia. But somehow late of his 2nd yrs, he made the effort to ask his supervisor ... what actually you want me to do so that I get my PhD? Get 5 papers published in high impact journal and etc. Within another 2 yrs.. & recently he got his PhD.
      17 jam yang lalu ·  ·  Seorang

    • Susana Narawi 
      ‎2nd : Twice this lady who was doing her PhD in Australia, her write-up at the initial stage (totally to 150 pgs) was thrown by her supervisor in the trash bin right in front of her eyes. But at last she discovered from others how to overc...Lihat seterusnya..

      17 jam yang lalu ·  ·  5 orang

    • Nur Azfahani Ahmad Thank you susana--thank you very much..an inspiring story--
      17 jam yang lalu · 

    • Halmi Zai the stage that every phd student has to face it. Be patient and ingat Allah...it's a marathon... not a short distance..
      15 jam yang lalu ·  ·  2 orang

    • Nadrawina Isnin A professor once said: Phd is not a marathon, its a process...let me add: it is a journey of self discovery on literatures, theories, etc but utmost is to really know ourselves better - our capability, preseverance, determination, our love, our patience and passion, our cries, our sadness, oru happiness (to name a few) = all in one...another professor said: never give up!
      18 minit yang lalu · 

    • Nadrawina Isnin yes, we have our ups and downs...we sometimes laugh but most time crying (maybe?)...but when u really sit down and think back: why is the Al-Mighty God granted us such a life? u have the answers...we must be thankful for what has been bestowed upon us, always be thankful...He is always there for us, did we once forget him in times of happiness? End of the day, it is a pilgrimage journey of self-discovery...
      16 minit yang lalu · 

    • Nadrawina Isnin and yes, if u feel its is the end of the world, which is not, take a break, a day or two or three...do nothing but enjoy life, go to the seaside, go shopping (oopsss...bad habit though), well at least window shopping, or go out and have fun with your family...with God's willing, u will feel afresh
      13 minit yang lalu · 

    • Nadrawina Isnin ok, last one: a friend who had just gotten his Dr. said: what do u like most about phd? tips: do u enjoy it? i have my answer, do u?
      9 minit yang lalu · 

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Kak Sam berkata...

Bukan senang nak cari ilmu ni. Akak target b4 40 nak ada Phd tapi bila difikir2kan balik baik akak tangguh dulu. Tak sanggup nak korbankan anak. Cukup le masa msc dulu alif menjadi mangsa.

Teruskan usaha dan jangan sesekali putus asa.

faiz berkata...

tgh amik phd ye..mmg hebat..semoga berjaya


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